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  Current and Past Projects 
Listed below are our most current projects and the projects we have most recently completed. Projects include the General Contractor for the job, a brief description, the original contract amount, and the estimated completion period, or period completed.  

Any section of a job pertaining to asbestos abatement work is subcontracted to
Dishman Environmental, Inc. 

Current Projects & Upcoming:

Chatham Grove Elementary School - Pittsboro, NC
General Contractor: Monteith Construction Corp. 
Description: Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefront and Fire-rated Glass Installation
Original Contract Amount: $419,118.00
Estimated Completion: Fall 2019

Central Carolina Community College Health Sciences Building-Pittsboro, NC
General Contractor: American South General Contractors, Inc.
Description: Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefronts, Glass and Mirror Installation
Original Contract Amount: $590,945.00
Estimated Completion: Spring 2019

Blue Ridge Cancer Center
General Contractor: Deerfield Construction Group, Inc. 
Description: Millwork and Custom Laminate Cabinets
Original Contract Amount: $99,000.00
Estimated Completion: Active 

Excelsior Classical Academy- 
General Contractor: Branch and Associates, Inc.
Description: Fabricating Steel Stairs and Metal Railing 
Original Contract Amount:$140,966.00
Estimated completion: Summer 2019
Tuckahoe Middle School 
General Contractor: Gulf Seaboard GC 
Description: Selective Demolition of the Tuckahoe Middle School
Original Contract Amount: $610,000
Estimated Completion: Summer 2019

VDOT Area HQ- Baywood
General Contractor: Clark Brothers Company, Inc. 
Description: Fabricate and Install Laminate Cabinets and Solid Surface Counter tops
Original Contract Amount: $12,745.00
Estimated Completion:Spring 2019

Most Recent Past Jobs:

Raleigh Endoscopy Lab- Raleigh, NC 
General Contractor: Batten & Shaw, Inc.
Description: Custom cabinets and Mill work throughout office. 
Original Contract Amount: $53,383.00
Completed: January 2019

Falling Creek Center, Renovations- Bedford, VA 
General Contractor: M.R. Dishman & Sons, Inc.
Description: Selective Demolition, M.E.P Demolition, Roof Demolition
Original Contract Amount: $64,806.00
Completed: Fall 2018

Powhatan Middle School - Powhatan, VA
General Contractor - Kenbridge Construction Company, Inc.
Description: Storefront and Glass Installation
Original Contract Amount: $886,490.00
Estimated Completion: Spring 2018


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